About us

Where we come from

The story - GammaDoors was founded in 2000 in Roseto degli Abruzzi, in the province of Teramo, with the aim of introducing a product of excellence to the Italian market of industrial doors that stands out for its choice of materials,design and ability to adapt to any type of building.

In 2009 GammaDoors began designing, manufacturing and installing industrial doors for market segments that require large-scale closures, such as hangars for airports and shipyards.

Over the years, GammaDoors has made innovation its mantra, introducing new models of industrial doors (Magnus Door, Slidy Door, Alluminium Door, Pressurization Composting Door, just to name a few...) and changes to the classic range (Levriero 140, Panorama 140, etc...), to provide a solution to the changing needs of customers.

In 2017, GammaDoors expanded its product range, through the design and production of turnkey metal structures and metal carpentry.

Gamma Doors - Chi siamo

How we work – Planning

We start with an idea or a specific customer need to create a new fully functional industrial door or metalwork structure.

Industrial doors - In the first meeting, our team of engineers, after a careful analysis of the environmental and functional characteristics of the place of installation, will be happy to help you choose the most appropriate type of door model.

You will have the possibility of adding all kinds of optional extras, such as special colors, portholes, pedestrian steps, automation and home automation controls.

Metal structures - Metal structures have many intrinsic advantages: they are lightweight, do not require complex maintenance operations and allow for possible extensions or modifications to the structure itself. GammaDoors's metal structures give the customer the possibility to customize the size, volume, shape and architectural aesthetics.

A team of engineers, with the use of structural calculation software that helps reduce design errors and any unexpected implementation issues in the early stages of project development, will take care of every aspect of the metal structure, designing and defining every single component in detail.

To achieve great things, we must not only act but also dream... not only plan but also believe...

How we work – Production

Industrial doors - After the development of the executive project, the first step is the creation of the internal frame by machining the two main components, steel and aluminium, using extruded profiles with dies designed and patented by GammaDoors itself.

Once the frame is finished, the door is fully insulated using self-extinguishing polyurethane foam (density 43 Kg/Mc), with no CFCs (Chlorine, Fluoride, Carbides). After this process, EPDM rubber gaskets with multiple chambers are fitted, which guarantee a perfect seal against atmospheric agents (operating temperature - 25° + 100°C) and anti-ageing characteristics. As with the frame profiles, the profiles for the gaskets are extruded using dies designed and patented by the company. After assembly of the final components and any optional extras, the door is packed and ready for dispatch.

Metal structures - GammaDoors uses numerous qualities of steel and laminates from the best Italian steel mills, adapting them from time to time to the different purposes and aims. Before shipment to the destination site, GammaDoors issues certificates guaranteeing the quality of the steel used.

A 5000 square metre covere with advanced equipment and tight quality control procedures that are applied from the processing of the raw material to the packaging of the finished door.

How we work – Placement

Industrial doors - We work in all environmental conditions and on all types of masonry. Precision and reliability are our keywords. Our experience in handling sliding doors over 85 metres wide, heights of over 25 metres with vertical folding models, precision in sealing pressurised chambers of over 150 PA or the installation of closures at high altitudes (1700 m) are just a few examples of how we work.

Alignments and adjustments down to the millimetre are our standard. At the end of the installation process, testing is carried out and the document of conformity and technical documentation required by the laws in force is issued.

Metal structures - GammaDoors will take care of the logistics and delivery directly to the construction site of all the material and equipment needed to complete the work. Experienced Project Managers will take care of the project on site, supervising all the construction and installation phases up to the final inspection report, respecting the delivery times agreed with the customer and monitoring site safety. The structure is supplied on a turnkey basis, that is including roofing, plugging and external closures.

Installation is quick, clean and safe. Timing is tight to minimize customer inconvenience.

How we work – Assistance

Industrial doors - In addition to the product guarantee, there is an after-sales service with specialized personnel operating throughout the country. A team of specialists takes care of repairs and assistance, avoiding delays or interruptions to our customers' production activities.

Customer service depends on the tone of voice of the person answering the phone, the way a technical, administrative, bureaucratic or practical problem is solved. Everything is customer service…