Panorama 80

Progetto Eurofighter - F 2000

The Italian Air Force in 2021 started a program to build 6 softshelters for the needs of the new Eurofighter vehicle (F 2000) at the 37th A.M. Stormo Trapani - Birgi Airport.For the accesses of the softshelters, GammaDoors realized 12 doors model Panorama 80 (see model Panorama 80) powered. The...

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Slidy Door

Progetto Joint Strike Fighter - F35

The Italian Air Force in 2014 began a series of adaptation and modernization works necessary to make the old infrastructure of the Amendola airbase suitable to meet the technical and operational requirements for new generation Joint Strike Fighter-F35 aircraft.The hangar “Aviorimessa”- GammaDoors has been engaged to design and build for...

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